Empowering Media Professionals for the New Television and Video Landscape
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Fully Integrated Demand-Side & Supply-Side Platform Powered By Centralized Automated Intelligence
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Transformative Technological Solutions Providing Unrivaled Infrastructure, Experience, and Performance

Building for Buyers and Sellers to Transform What Can Be Accomplished Through Television and Video

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  • Unmatched Functionality
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  • All-Inclusive Data Management
  • Unequaled Volume of Activity
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  • World Class Reputation
  • Unparalleled Architecture
PVX creates, transforms and expands businesses

It's a pioneering foundational technology that turns data into insights, insights into instructions, and instructions into actions to advance the abilities and applications of marketing automation.

PVX overcomes the complexities of buying and selling linear television, bringing the largest audience and most trusted content to the forefront of technology-driven marketing solutions. As PVX continually expands, it generates new possibilities for media buyers and sellers to innovate, streamline and optimize the value of their audiences, data and services to the greatest potential across the advancing video-everywhere landscape.