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The Comprehensive Leader in Automated Intelligence Technology for Local TV and Streaming Aggregation

Who We Are

ITN Holdings brings decades of experience building the most advanced suite of technology, inventory, and data services to the television and video advertising industry.

Uniquely forged for aiding both Demand-Side and Sell-Side objectives, ITN Holdings is committed to creating value for marketers, agencies and inventory suppliers through two distinct business divisions: ITN Networks and ProVantageX.


ITN Holdings is dedicated to both business divisions with the goal of being a driving force in automating legacy processes to provide interconnectivity and efficiencies.

Board Meeting

Business Divisions

ITN Networks

Premier National Network of Local TV Execution

Fully managed-service technology solution to bring aggregated local commercial inventory to national advertisers


First End-to-End Local TV Marketplace Platform

Proprietary technology and processes platform purpose-built for the underserved local TV advertising marketplace

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